Artist, Teacher, Blogger

My name is Kaitlin Goodey and I’m the C.E.O (Creative Experiment Operator) here at Goodey Studio. I’m wildly curious and ever adventurous which often lead me to starting a new business every few years. In fact at any given moment there are a handful of new businesses I’d love to start. Fortunately for you and I (and my eternally patient husband), I’ve learned to respect my time constraints and stress limits. So I set off to create an all encompassing flexible business that would utilize my knowledge of handmade and small business practices as well as fulfill my creative whims.

Thats when the Goodey Studio was created.

Through product reviews, technique testing and teaching my goal is to uplift and inspire your creative endeavors. I can talk shop endlessly and I love to experiment with new art forms, art supplies and business tactics. Plus I love to share my knowledge openly so I’ll do all I can to impart as much helpful information as I can. Feel free to email me about topics you’d like to see covered or comment with questions so I can help you further!

My Creative Journey and How I Got Here

I grew up in an entrepreneurial household which taught me early on in life to dream big, work hard and passionately pursue my goals. I started planning business ideas, designing business cards and websites in middle school but I didn’t officially start my first business until college. While studying photography at the Art Institute of Seattle I started a photography business doing everything from family portraits to selling Fine Art Prints and photo jewelry at weekend markets. I never really ended this business I just kept morphing it as I recreated myself artistically time after time.  After doing three separate internships, one at a commercial portrait studio, an artistic personal portrait studio and a gallery I decided to pursue Fine Art further. When I was accepted to do my Masters of Fine Art at Washington State University I also got the opportunity to teach my own darkroom photography course for two years. It was a wonderful experience that showed me I liked to teach as much as I liked talking shop with colleagues. After finishing my MFA I continued my creative pursuits through Art fairs, Owning a gallery/gift shop for 2 years in Edmons, WA., painting, art licensing, a stationery/gift line, a jewelry line, selling on amazon, etsy and my own site. Basically you name it and I’ve probably done it! I currently have another gift ship located in Anacortes Washington with our workshop located in the back where we continue to produce a myriad of different products. We juggle a lot but all together it creates a beautiful creative life for me and my husband. 

Kaitlin and Nathan Goodey

Nathan is a quiet fellow who is one of the most easy-going people out there. He takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff, from printing products and shipping out orders, to helping film classes. Or as Kaitlin says “He’s the muscle”.  When he is not working on packaging orders, updating client info, or the website, you can find him flipping through the record shops to find some new vinyl for his ever growing music collection.